Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is a polygraph examination?

Polygraph examinations can be reliable when validated testing techniques are applied. Validated testing techniques are supported by research conducted in accordance with the American Polygraph Association’s (APA’s) research standards. All examiners employed by Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations shall use validated testing techniques during all polygraph examinations.

Is there a limit to the number of polygraph examinations a person can take?

Many factors exist that would require an examinee to take multiple polygraph examinations.  Examples include; Pre-employment examinations when the applicant has applied for employment with different organizations requiring a polygraph examination; An examinee experiencing abnormal physical or mental distress during the examination process; An examinee under the influence of any substance altering their behavior and or physiology.

How long does it take to get the polygraph examination results?

The polygraph examiner has the ability to determine the examination results within minutes after the examination has been administered.  Other factors may exist which could delay the examination results.

Can a person manipulate or defeat the polygraph instrument?

Many people have researched ways of trying to manipulate or defeat the polygraph instrument.  In most cases, a polygraph examiner can easily detect when an examinee is engaging in “countermeasures” or “non-cooperation;” Polygraph Examiners employed by Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations are very experienced and may choose to discontinue the examination process when this occurs.

How long does a polygraph examination take?

A standard polygraph examination should take anywhere between 90 minutes and three (3) hours.  The polygraph examination is broken down into three categories: The pre-test interview, the polygraph examination, and the post-test interview.

Are lie detector tests admissible in court?

In many jurisdictions, polygraph test results can be admitted into court with the consent of both parties. In general the results of a polygraph test cannot be used against someone in criminal court; however, the results may be used to convince the prosecution that their case is flawed or that charges should be dismissed.

Polygraphs tests are also mandated in many jurisdictions for persons on post-prison supervision, such as convicted sex offenders. In addition, many government agencies all around the world rely on the polygraph test every day.

Does taking drugs to pass a polygraph test work?

Many people ask if use of drugs or other countermeasures can effect the accuracy of the polygraph. In general, a well trained polygraph examiner should be able to determine if a person is using countermeasures and use of most common drugs will have little effect on the accuracy of lie detection tests.

If a person is so intoxicated as to effect the polygraph then the trained polygraph examiner should easily be able to recognize chemical countermeasures have been used and will stop the test.

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