Blue Line
Polygraphs & Investigations.

A leading polygraph and private investigation firm in Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

Our services are also available for the Spanish speaking community.

Pre-Employment Polygraphs

Pre-Employment Polygraphs

Polygraph examinations for city, state, and federal agencies.

PCSOT Polygraphs

PCSOT Polygraphs

This examination can verify a full and complete disclosure of the offenders’ sexual history for treatment purposes.

Law Enforcement Polygraphs

Law Enforcement Polygraphs

Assistance with criminal investigations for law enforcement agencies not having their own polygraph equipment or personnel.

Attorney-Client Polygraphs

Attorney-Client Polygraphs

Any type of criminal or civil matter where an attorney is requesting a polygraph examination for their client.

Drug Use Polygraphs

Drug Use Polygraphs

Do you suspect a family member is using drugs? Have you been accused of failing a drug test but did not actually use illegal drugs or performance-enhancing drugs? We can help prove your good conduct.

Sports Polygraphs

Sports Polygraphs

Examinations for those involved in the sporting industry; from banned substances to fishing tournament results.

We Do Infidelity Polygraphs As Well.

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We Also Do Private Investigations.

Years of law enforcement experience in investigations and protective services places us above other PI firms.

Legal & Courts

We do court-appointed private investigations, as well as retained investigations for defense attorneys.


We have experience with potential workplace violence matters and investigations of employee misconduct.

Missing Persons

Blue Line Polygraphs & Investigations has the training and experience to handle the most complex missing person investigations.

Put Our Experience To Work For You.

Years of law enforcement experience investigating major crimes places us at the forefront of polygraph and private investigation firms on the west coast.

Years of Experience


Hours of Training

“I Have worked with Glenn Fairall for many years. He has an impeccable reputation for thorough and reliable good work. Due to that reputation, he is my number one choice when clients and I decide that a polygraph may assist in favorably resolving their case.”

Heidi Sternhagen

Defense Attorney and Former Prosecutor

“Glenn Fairall conducted a polygraph test on me and verified my truthfulness and good character.”

Ana Hernandez

Aspiring Law Enforcement Professional

“Mr. Fairall has always been a pleasure to work with. He is a true professional; knowledgeable, experienced, and possesses a natural talent for his work that is hard to come by.” 

Jose Maciel

University Training Specialist & Former Child Protective Service Worker